The Most Difficult Musical Instrument to Operate on a Professional Basis

There are simple musical instruments, and there are complex ones. A harmonica or xylophone is something that even the streetwise can play with ease just like the commonplace bongo drum. However, when it comes to such tough-to-master instruments as the violin, in the hands of novices, hearing their output is sheer torture. 

To Begin With…

Consider the deceptive device called a violin. When a magician of musicology plays one, the sound is heavenly in its scope. The chanting broadly sweeping sound waves can send one into shivers of excitement. One can even slowly enter a deep slumber as one listens to its sweet lilting lullaby. But imagine a spoilt brat of a kid picking one up and letting loose a volley of ear-splitting clanging sounds from the bow and strings. Nothing could be worse for physical or, for that matter, mental health. 

On With the Show

That is the main reason why when it comes to musical instruments, that are a difficult nut to crack, the violin wins hands down. Consider the fact though that this dashing device is merely a stylish polished wooden form with four strings stretched tautly across its frame. Yet playing it can be a back-breaking task. A super-genius such as Albert Einstein used to play the violin in his free time, and he often used to say that music was such ample proof of the miracle that was the universe. Indeed, God did not play dice with His Creation, as Einstein was to argue with such vehement passion in the series of debates he engaged in with Niels Bohr. 

Further Inquiry into the Matter

Starting with the preliminary facts, a violin does not have any fretwork like its kissing cousin, the guitar. The placement of the digits of the hands is a very tricky thing in case of the violin. You also require a highly trained expert to teach you the ABCs of this versatile instrument of massively influential music. It is quite a feat of the imagination, not to mention human ingenuity and talent, to fine-tune a violin so that it produces the theme of the spheres. 

There is also another point of order that needs going into. The sort of angle you sit in is crucial for playing the violin. It can become a pain in the neck (no pun intended) to remain in such a seated position for an extended period. How you handle the bow is also a queer practice to master. You have to give it time, and if at first, you don’t succeed, you have to try again and again. 

While kids in high school bands can get by playing the violin with some practice, you cannot compare their creativity with the grandeur and growth you find in the work of those whose forte this instrument happens to be. Like deconstruction is a difficult critical skill to master for us postmodern academics, you need an intelligent and cunningly musical psyche to get the hang of the violin. It has to be treated with kid gloves since playing it is no mean feat. You need to be as careful as you would be if you had a delicate and rare, not to mention expensive, Ming vase in your hands.   

Other Choices that May Give Anyone a Hard Time

Besides the unbeatable violin, there are a few more candidates that make the list of complicated musical instruments. They include the piano, the accordion and the harp. You have to have an extraordinary sensibility for the first one of these. As for the second choice, it may look easy to play, but do not be fooled. This oldie is a combination of many other musical gadgets, and it takes a true musical artist to conquer it with style and panache. The harp sounds otherworldly, but it isn’t straightforward to put on a good show with it. Extraordinary expertise is the word where the harp is concerned. 

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